Alumni Class Contacts

We are signing up alumni who want to be "contacts" for their graduating class. Sometimes they are called Class Agents or Class Ambassadors. If you like titles, pick the one you like best. 

Current Class Contacts

Class year 1967:    Fran Pawlowski
Class year 1968:     Gene Nocera
Class year 1969:    Tom Tokarz 
Class year 1970:    Gary Giannelli 
                         or David W. O'Brien
Class year 1971:    Peter Etzel
or Dr. Robert Jakubiec
Class year 1972:    Paul Morello
Class year 1973:    
Rev. Greg Woods
Class year 1974:    Carey Hewitt
Class year 1975:    Thomas Sweeney
Class year 1976:    Atty Chris Smith
Class year 1977:    Atty. Donald Hubbard
or Ray Quintin
Class year 1978:    Jeff Del Favero
Class year 1979:    Atty. John Wolter
Class year 1980:    Thomas J. Byrne
Class year 1981:    Rich Smith
or Atty. Mark Ryan
Class year 1982:    Eric Robinson 
Class year 1983:    Joe Biega
Class year 1984:    Jeff Muzio
or Sal Pepitone
Class year 1985:    Scott Wallace
Class year 1986:    Edward (Ted) Wiegand
                        or Dan Pickett
or Dr Chris Coppola
Class year 1987:    Paul Costello 
                        or Kevin Moravek
Class year 1988:    James Truscinski
Class year 1989:    Mark Mikullitz
Class year 1990:    Gregg Lallier
Class year 1992:    Joseph Geremia
                        or Matt Dunn
Class year 1993:    Andy Mule
or Stephen Bayley
Class year 1994:    Rev. Thomas Franks
Class year 1995:    Joseph Lane   

Class year 1996:    Will Longo 
Class year 1997:    Christopher Mashia
Class year 1998:    David Applegate
Class year 1999:    Matt Strekel

Class year 2000:    Joe Branciforte 
Class year 2001:    Michael Nichols
Class year 2002:    Ryan McKinney 
Class year 2005:    Brent Jacobs  

Class year 2006:    Michael Campbell
Class year 2007:    Matt Fahey
Class year 2012:    Mark Mallon


If you are interested in being a class contact...

  • Step 1: register with the online community. 
  • Step 2: contact us to let us know of your interest.
  • Step 3: In our Online Community, we have a "Group" for every graduating class (found under "My Groups" once you have logged in).  So... we will make those chosen as class contacts "owners" on their group, so you can control some of the content for your "class group."  We will also post the names of the class contacts on this page very soon as a quick reference.
  • Step 4: The largest “chore” that would be involved would be asking you to pass on information from any classmates who contact you. We would use this information, to update their records and have “What’s New” information for the Xavier Today magazine.
  • "Can I do more?" Sure! The Alumni Asoociation Executive Committee (also volunteers) will from time to time make suggestions about things that may be helpful or needed.  If you have an idea, feel free to offer it through the Office of Advancement which is in regular contact with the Alumni Association. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you can or cannot do
  • It's just that simple!

A couple of ideas:

  • If you are a Facebook member, use our Facebook Connect feature of the Online Community to automatically share any event registration information on your Facebook page and encourage classmates to register with the Online Community.
  • As an owner of your "class group," use the email feature of our Online Community to keep in contact with your classmates.
  • We will limit the "class contacts" to 3 per class.  If more are interested, we will try to base our decisions on activity and expressed interest (and consider exceptions on that basis).

Special note for Reunion Year Class Contacts

If you've looked at our Alumni Events page and are a member of a graduating class ending in "3" or "8", we are working with each class to arrange how they would like to celebrate their reunion.

We had such a positive response from the classes ending in "4" or "9" and the Class of 1986 that made it their own 25th reunion that we want to work with each class again this school year.

If you are a member of these classes and want to be involved in the planning, please login, go to My Information at the top of the page, select the Interests and Committees tab and select the Reunion Committee (this will make you a member of that Group) OR contact us by email or phone (860)347-6079.  We really hope to have at least 2 "class contacts" per class (especially during their reunion year).

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