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Viridian Now Offers Fixed and Variable Rates

Xavier High School would like to remind you of another win/win way to raise money for our School, and it will not cost you anything… This is a Free service.

Xavier has teamed up with Viridian Energy of CT to help you obtain a lower cost on your electric bill. In 2010, they saved their CT customers 14% on the generation charge. Their goal is to repeat this in 2011.

Viridian Energy will pay Xavier for every customer who switches to them. Plus, they will continue to pay on average $2.00 per month residual income as long as you remain a customer. (That’s $24.00 per year per customer)

The good news is you will still have CL&P or U.I for all of your billing and servicing. Nothing will change except you will have spent less over the12 months. The switch is fast and easy. You can go to our website: www.viridian.com/xavier to become a customer. Make sure you click on the Everyday Green rate for the greatest savings. All you need is any electric bill and 3 minutes to complete the switch!

If you have any questions please contact Viridian Customer Service: 866-663-2508.

It is our hope you will be in favor of switching to Viridian to benefit yourself and Xavier High School. Please refer any family and friends in the following Viridian markets (CT, IL, NJ, PA, MD, and NY) so they can get a discount as well.

We thank you in advance for your support!

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