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Current List of Teachers

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Mr. David Applegate   x-747

Science/Mathematics/Ultimate Frisbee Head Coach/Assistant Swim Coach

Mr. Ivan Bailey   x-778

Computers/Director of Technology 

Mr. Brendan Bell   x-800

Religion/SAC Moderator/Sophomore Class Moderator

Mr. Peter Belmonte   x-864

SAT Prep/Head Crew Coach

Dr. Paul Bischoff   x-835

Social Studies

Mr. William Braychak   x-812

Social Studies/Driver Education

Mr. Ryan Brodeur   x-801

Foreign Language Department Chair/ Moderator French Honor Society

Mrs. Marta Castro-Maguder   x-804

Foreign Language/Spanish

Mr. Nicholas Cerreta   x-785

Dean of Students/Social Studies/Freshman Baseball Coach

Mrs. Linda Charpentier   x-715

Science Department Chair /Assistant Sailing Coach/Moderator Envirothon

Mr. Geoffrey S. Close   x-813

Mathematics/Assistant Freshman Football Coach/Assistant Indoor Track Coach/Assistant Outdoor Track Coach

Mr. Michael Cunningham   x-836

Health/Physical Education/Wrestling Head Coach/Assistant Soccer Coach/Asst. Golf Coach

Ms. Chung-Mei Melanie D’Attilio   x-816

Foreign Language/Chinese

Mr. Daniel DeConti   x-786

Mathematics/Hockey Head Coach/Assistant Director of Athletics

Mrs. Norma Dewey   x-823

Foreign Language/Spanish

Mr. Frank DiCapua   x-837


Mrs. Kathleen DiSanto   x-802


Mr. Brendan Donohue   x-784

Principal/Social Studies

Mr. Christopher Dresko   x-722

Fine Arts /Music

Mr. Erik Elligers   x-822

Fine Arts /Music/Moderator Xavier Outdoorsman Club

Mr. Timothy Eng   x-821

English/JV Soccer Coach

Mr. Daniel Field   x-807

Religion/Moderator Model Congress, Chess Club/JV Coach Ultimate Frisbee

Mr. Brian Fitzgerald   x-846

Foreign Language/Spanish/Head Soccer Coach

Mr. Charles Flowers   x-819


Mr. Jeremy Fowler   x-805

Religion/Assistant Campus Minister/Moderator Gaming Club, Sequential Art Club

Mr. Andrew J. Gargano   x-851

English/Moderator Photography Club, Ski Trips

Mr. Andrew T. Gargano   x-703

Academic Dean (Grades 10-12)/Mathematics/Asst Moderator Math Team

Mrs. Deborah Gargano   x-738

School Librarian

Mr. William Garrity   x-838

Religion/Moderator Cultural Diversity Club

Mr. Matthew Haywood   x-829

Mathematics/Assistant Campus Minister/Tennis Head Coach/Freshman Soccer Coach

Mrs. Andrea Hoisl   x-714

Director of Campus Ministry/Religion/ Moderator Stewards of Creation

Mr. Michael Humphreys   x-830

Mathematics/Science/Moderator Engineering Club/Head JV Coach Ice Hockey/Assistant Lacrosse Coach

Mr. Anthony Jaskot   x-740

Director of Athletics/Physical Education Dept. Chair

Mr. Greg Jaskot   x-862

Foreign Language/Spanish/Assistant Football Coach

Mr. William Keefe, ATC   x-818

Athletic Trainer

Mr. Paul Kieda   x-839

Religion/Assistant Campus Minister

Mr. Aaron King   x-833

Social Studies/Moderator Riflery, Model Court, Students for Life

Mr. Robert King   x-827

Social Studies Department Chair/Moderator Columbian Squires, Debate Club/Assistant Freshman Basketball Coach

Mr. Michael Kohs   x-814

Business/Computers/Basketball Head Coach/Golf Coach

Mr. Todd Krasnitski   x-803


Mrs. Heidi Lane   x-809

Foreign Language/Spanish/Moderator Spanish Honor Society

Ms. Kathryn Lee   x-828

English Department Chair/Moderator Yearbook

Mr. Peter Lyons   x-705

Director of Faculty Formation/Religion

Mr. Sean Marinan   x-723

Social Studies/Football Head Coach

Mr. James Markham   x-865


Mr. John McGrath   x-810

English/Performing Arts/Moderator Literary Magazine

Mr. Joseph Montini   x-840

Health/Social Studies

Mr. Christian Mormile   x-808


Mr. Andrew Mule   x-817


Mr. David Oravetz   x-844


Mr. Brian Osterhout   x-826

Physical Education/Health/Asst. Coach Wrestling and Fr. Baseball

Mr. Ryan Pipke   x-811


Mr. John Popielaski   x-824


Mr. James Royce   x-834

Social Studies

Mr. Jeffrey Ruvolo   x-825


Dr. Kevin Ryan   x-832


Brother Thomas Ryan, C.F.X.   x-709

Social Studies/School Store Co-Manager/Moderator Railroad Club

Mr. Roy Schmaling   x-806

Social Studies/Moderator Debate Club , Model UN

Mr. Steven Smith   x-842


Mr. David Sizemore   x-728

Social Studies/Academic Dean (Grade 9)/Admissions/Moderator Ambassadors Club

Mr. Kyle St. George   x-815

English/Assistant Football Coach/Assistant Wrestling Coach/Moderator "Kestrel" Student Newspaper

Brother John Sullivan, C.F.X.   x-739

Latin/Social Studies/School Store Co-Manager

Mr. James Tanguay   x-843


Mr. John Traceski   x-820

Mathematics Department Chair/Moderator Math Team

Mr. James Tyrol   x-863

Religion Department Chair/Moderator Ryken Service Society

Miss Jayne A. Vitale, C.A.S.   x-831

Fine Arts Department Chair/Spanish/Moderator Art Club, Italian Club, National Honor Society


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