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    Xavier students are back at Xavier and the school is buzzing with activity throughout the entire week.  In the classrooms you will find students conducting experiments, engaging in intellectual conversations, diligently taking notes on their laptops and tablets, and even taking tests. 

    Mr. Applegate had his AP Chemistry students applying their knowledge from General Chemistry to simulate an air bag deployment.  Ms. DiSanto had her conceptual physics seniors gathering data from measuring an oar in different ways.  Jazz music and scales can be heard in our band room as the Concert Band and Jazz Ensembles get into some musical pieces. 

    Afterschool, our athletic teams have been preparing for their season openers and attending scrimmage matches. The football team has been practicing since the middle of August, while the Crew and sailing teams are getting ready to head out on the water. 

    With the hot weather upon us, students have been staying cool by wearing their new polo shirts as part of the secondary dress code for warmer days.  We look forward to all the great accomplishments of our students this year. 

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