Home & School Association 

The association is composed of parents of Xavier students. Its function is described in Article II of its constitution under objectives, which are:

  1. To help parents and teachers acquire a profound appreciation of the ideals of Catholic education.
  2. To promote clearer understanding of the mutual educational responsibilities of parents and teachers.
  3. To encourage the home and school to a greater degree of cooperation in discharging their responsibilities.
  4. To promote social and fund raising activities for the benefit of the Xavier Community.

The leadership is composed of officers who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the executive committee which shall be the last meeting of the year; however, any vacancy shall be filled by vote of the executive committee. The association has both standing and special committees composed of several members. The work of the committees is generally social, spiritual and athletic in nature. Information concerning Home and School activities may be obtained through the Home and School Office by calling the Administrative Office at Xavier High School at 860-346-7735 Ext. 700.

OFFICERS FOR 2014-2015:

President: Mr. Christopher Bongo 
Vice President:  Mr. Anthony Grasso
Treasurer: Mr. Jim Coughlin
Secretary: Mrs. Rachel Rivera

Committee Chairs:

Athletic: Mrs. Karen Haberski
Auction: Mrs. Amy Brough
Communication: Mrs. Michelle Marszalek
Auction Co-Chair & Fundraiser: Mrs. Lynn Blanchard
Hospitality: Mrs. Karen Bongo, Mrs. Mimi DiDato, Mrs. Tracey Kelly
Volunteer: Mrs. Annamarie Beaulieu

Members-at-Large/Class Reps:

Senior Rep: Mrs. Michelle Marszalek
Junior Rep: Mrs. Lynn Blanchard
Sophomore Rep: Mrs. Rachel Rivera
Freshmen Rep: [position open]

Home And School Volunteer Form

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email to: Mrs. Annamarie Beaulieu at abeaulieu4@comcast.net.

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