BE A MAN the motto of Xavier High School, summing up the educational mission of our school. This motto, often extended to, "Be a man. A man like Jesus," is central to our philosophy, and is reflected in how we work with students to realize maturity and the dignity of the human spirit. To achieve this goal we guide all students in educational and vocational needs, helping them prepare for college, for work, and above all, for life itself.

Our philosophy is based upon the following goals:

  • To educate the whole person, spirit, mind and body within a Christian framework
  • To expose students to various cultures in our diverse global community
  • To form students who are sensitive to the needs of all human beings
  • To encourage students to respond to the call of the gospel message through community service
  • To help students develop individual decision making skills for the challenges of the future
  • To prepare students for the rapidly changing information age of the 21st century
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