CP Freshman English

CP Introduction to Literature and Composition

Course Description

Mr. Eng



The English department aims to establish core competencies in Language Arts, and then systematically develop them to the college level. It is the cumulative goal of the English department to cultivate knowledge of major authors and literary periods, as well as a genuine love of language and reading. College Preparatory freshman English focuses on analysis of a variety of literary genres. Students will study Mythology, Romeo and Juliet, and other works as well as master the essentials of grammar.  Students will write in teacher distributed writer’s notebooks daily.  Writing assignments will also include personal and creative works, as well as expository and formal writing. Vocabulary assignments will supplement reading, grammar, and writing assignments.

Books:  Prentice Hall Literature Gold, Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar Ruby Level, Sadier Vocabulary Workshop Level C, Myths and Legends from Ancient Greece and Around the World, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Pearl, and Death of a Salesman

Course Guidelines: Grading Policy

25% homework/overall effort

25% quizzes (un/announced)

25% tests

25% essays

Homework/ overall effort

*Discussion Based Classes

All students must participate!  The only way to participate is by being prepared.  Students who are unprepared will not be able to effectively participate, therefore stunting their classmates’ growth as well as their own.

*Be Prepared with:
1. Completed homework

2. Notes (required for all reading)

Notes include: page numbers, author, title, setting, characters and their descriptions,

*favorite quote/why, motifs, interesting points, confusing points, questions

3. Books, notebooks, pen/pencil

4. You on time!

5. Essays on time!  Half letter grade off every day late.


Homework/ overall effort will be based on students’ contributions to discussion, preparation, and conduct (addressed in Classroom Rules).


There will be a weekly vocabulary quiz.

There will also be many homework quizzes.  These will be both announced and unannounced.


The first test of the first quarter will be the summer reading test.

There will be a test at the end of each unit.

There are infinitely fewer tests than quizzes.

Cheaters on tests and quizzes receive zeroes.



Essays will be graded based on rubrics stemming from class work.

E-mail: Occasionally, due to absence or other circumstances, students choose to e-mail an assignment.  Students who do so should expect to receive a reply indicating that the assignment has been received; their “job” is not done until that reply is received.

If you are absent on the day a major assignment is due, it must be received by 3PM on the due date to receive full credit.

Plagiarism policies are found in the student handbook on pages 30-31

Classroom Rules

Positivity and Politeness

Any negativity or rude behavior will result in a detention.


Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated.  Students’ respect is not limited to the teacher.  Since this is a discussion-based class, students must respect one another’s ideas and comments, even when in disagreement.  An intelligent individual can argue with logic, evidence, an even temper and an open mind without disrespecting the opposing party.

No speaking out of turn.




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