Spanish I Honors

Spanish I Honors

Course Description:    

This first year course in Spanish Honors I is designed to provide a strong foundation for language study and establish a required level of proficiency in the target language.   This is accomplished via a variety of methodology and manner of presentations.  The textbook series and its accompanying supplemental materials provide for instruction that is engaging and enjoyable for the students.  Both teacher and students make use of the target language throughout the instructional process via the many types of activities, such as conversations, listening to recorded native speakers, and reading contemporary forms in Spanish.  Students are exposed to a variety of experiences, lessons and information which provide topics of culture, society and the Hispanic heritage.  A wealth of supplemental materials exists for presentation of the target language via CDs, DVDs and online interactive lessons.  Good habits and study skills are fundamental to language mastery and students are expected to maintain a well ordered notebook of lesson notes, assignments and other subject details.

Course Goals: 

By conclusion of this academic year, students will:

·       have completed chapter units in the first year text, Avancemos and in the accompanying workbook materials.

·       have developed an understanding and sense of competency necessary for successful mastery of a foreign language (listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehension).

·       demonstrate the ability to use the target language in everyday situations and make sue of technology to further their understanding and appreciation of the language.

·       have maintained and developed a language notebook which illustrates their study and development in the target language.

·       developed a strong sense of appropriate pronunciation in Spanish.

·       have become familiar with the cultural heritage of Spain, as well as develop a familiarity with the cultures of other Spanish-speaking countries.

·       have developed a global awareness and level of comfort in language study.


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