Spanish I Accelerated

Spanish I Accelerated

Course Description: The first year course is designed to build a strong foundation in the target language. Basic language skills are presented and cultural themes are explored. It is very important to note that the grammar presented from each chapter will be reinforced throughout the year as new material is learned. Experiences making use of the target language become more real as your knowledge develops. You will work at a pace which is appropriate to this course level and also strive to work to the best of your abilities. You will increase your use of the target language as you become accustomed to the daily use of commands and classroom conversation in Spanish.

Rules, Procedures and Expectations for Spanish Class


1.     Come to class prepared with textbook, workbooks, notebook and something to write with. 


2.     Respect the learning environment and others.


3.     Be in your seat when the bell rings and stay there until you are dismissed.


4.     Listen to directions and/or instructions the first time they are given.



·        Students will keep a notebook in a three ring binder divided into three sections, notes, classwork and homework.


·        Each day begins with a warm up activity which is to be done in the notebook when appropriate.



·        Wrap up activities will be done at the end of class and are to be included in the notebook when appropriate.


·        Check my website daily for the palabra del día and other helpful information related to the textbooks and useful websites.


·        Ask to use the restroom (in Spanish) before class starts or at another appropriate time that does not to disturb the class. 


·        Students are expected to participate daily in the class discussions and reviews.   Students should expect to be called on at least once a class period.


·        For paired and group activities students will be assigned a partner(s) as required for the activity in the beginning of each quarter.  


·        Class will be conducted in Spanish


·       Homework is to be done in its’ entirety every night it is assigned.  Each homework is worth 1 point.  You can make up homework one day late for half credit.









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