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The Business Department's philosophy is not only to carry on the philosophy of the school to teach as Jesus taught but to help prepare our students for the academic and business world.

We do this by teaching marketable business skills and by emphasizing both honesty and integrity in a variety of business course offerings. We seek not only to prepare the students for college but for the working world as well.


Accelerated - Course #741, Full Year 1 Credit, Seniors

This course is designed to introduce students to accounting concepts and practices. Class members learn the complete accounting cycle for a service business organized as a sole proprietorship as well as a merchandising businesses organized as a corporation. Students analyze business transactions into debit and credit parts, journalize transactions, post to a general ledger, and prepare financial statements. The course culminates with students enhancing their skills by completing a major business simulation accounting project. Students are also introduced to accounting software for computer-based applications throughout the course.

Business Management

CP - Course #742, Semester Course, .5 Credit, Seniors

This course deals primarily with a history of small businesses in America, well known entrepreneurs, how to start and operate a business, the pros and cons of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and franchises, and the legal and accounting aspects of operating a small business. Students select a hypothetical small business endeavor in order to explore the feasibility of owning/operating their own business. Students learn not only from the classroom, but from area business persons who are invited into class to share their expertise and experiences.


Accelerated - Course #743, Semester Course, .5 Credit, Seniors

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental concepts, principles, skills, and attitudes common to the fields of marketing, merchandising, distribution, and retailing. Instruction will emphasize applications directly involved with marketing areas such as advertising, sales, research, and promotions. Students will also explore the increasing role that the internet and E-commerce play in marketing.

Personal Finance

CP - Course #744, Semester Course, .5 Credit, Seniors

This course explains the basics of financial literacy, including such life skills as money management, career planning, saving and investing, personal risk management, credit management, and retirement planning. These strategies are designed to help students learn how to grow and protect wealth as they prepare themselves for their financial futures. As part of the course, students are introduced to the world of investing by actively participating in the Stock Market Game sponsored by the Hartford Courant.

Stock Market

Accelerated - Course #745, Semester Course, .5 Credit, Seniors

Stock Market is a one semester course designed to introduce students to the world of financial investments. Students gain a basic understanding of several investment options such as savings accounts, cd’s, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds while gaining a fundamental understanding of the stock market exchanges. Throughout the course, students actively participate in the internet based Stock Market Game to simulate the real-world investment environment. Students develop positive money management habits to be better prepared for a successful financial future.

Business Department Faculty

William Braychak

William Braychak

Michael Kohs

Michael Kohs