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Major Awards & Honors


It is an exclusive academic club. Xavier is nearing 10,000 graduates, but there have been only 54 valedictorians in the history of the school. Twice there were co-valedictorians. The first valedictorian was Joseph L. Conroy in 1967. The valedictory address comes at the end of graduation.

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The second-highest academic honor where the address is given before diplomas are conferred. The current Director of Admissions, Nick Grasso, was the salutatorian of his 2005 graduating class.

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Loyalty And Service Award

The highest award that Xavier bestows is given to that senior who, during his career here, has made a most significant personal contribution toward the betterment of his school through his leadership, loyalty and service to others, especially his classmates and fellow students. It is also bases on the student's passion and perseverance he displays in all aspects and is voted on by faculty and staff.

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Xavier Scholar-Athletes

From 1967-1983, Xavier students were honored by the National Football Foundation-New Haven Chapter (NFF-NHC) as Scholar-Athletes. The NFF honors Scholar-Athletes “who achieve excellence on the gridiron, in the classroom, and in citizenship.”

From 1984-present the list includes those scholar-athletes honored by the NFF-NHC and by the CIAC. The Scholar-Athlete Program of the CIAC “annually recognizes two high school seniors, one boy and one girl, from each member high school whose academic and athletic careers have been exemplary, whose personal standards and achievements are a model to others, and who possess high levels of integrity, self-discipline and courage.”

Names are listed as they appeared on a plaque or on the websites of the organizations.

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Falcon Achievement Award

The award recognizes a senior who, during his athletic career, has represented the very best that athletics stand for at Xavier. Chosen upon the recommendation of the faculty and staff, the recipient is a young man who embodies those qualities of loyalty, commitment, sportsmanship and hard work which characterize our fine scholar-athletes.

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Theodore James Ryken Award

The award is given annually on the feast of St. Francis Xavier at each of the 13 Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools (XBSS). It is named for Theodore James Ryken, founder of the Xaverian Brothers, and is awarded to a faculty or staff member who is an exemplary model of Christian education. The winner is chosen by co-workers.

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A Valedictory Excerpt

"In Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovitch, Ivan wonders, 'How can you expect a man who's warm to understand a man who's freezing.' It is our duty to understand those who are freezing. Through our experiences at Xavier we have been made aware of hardships around us and have been given the opportunity to make a difference."

Benjamin David Armstrong, 1997

A Salutatory Excerpt

“Now we, the graduates of the Class of 2005, have the opportunity and responsibility to go out and change the world – to act on our convictions, to be upstanding citizens and leaders, and to be men. Men like Christ working in loving service for others. We are Xavier men, Xavier Falcons, ready to take flight and never stop soaring.”

Nick Grasso, 2005

Excerpt Of Song, Baccalaureate Mass

Today we start a new life, we bid our last goodbyes;

To all the friends we've come to love,

With whom we've laughed and cried,

Remember all the fun and games, our problems & our fears;

Together we survived them all, throughout our high school years.

Music, lyrics by Joseph A. Muraca Jr., 1981