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As a private, Catholic high school focused on preparing our students for college and beyond, we have three academic levels meant to ensure that each student is appropriately challenged every day in the classroom. Whether Honors, Accelerated or College Prep, our students receive expert instruction from veteran teachers that will push them to excel.

Our students have the opportunity to study what interests them – particularly with our 47 offered electives and specialized tracks for students who want to pursue Engineering, Art or Music.

The campus houses 5 science labs in addition to a Robotics workshop equipped with a 3D printer, a dedicated art studio and a state-of-the-art video production studio, all of which is used to ensure our students are receiving a multi-faceted high school experience.

Faculty members in nearly every department are certified to teach Advanced Placement (AP) or UCONN Early College Experience (ECE) classes. As a result of our AP/ECE course offerings, there are over 50 college credits available to our students during their time at Xavier.

Of Xavier students enrolled in AP classes for the 2017-2018 school year, 85% scored well enough on their subject test to earn college credit – with over 20% of them earning the highest possible score!