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Class of 2021

Welcome to the Xavier Community! We are thrilled that you are joining us for your high school years. See below for important dates and information.

Important Dates

  • August 21-25, 2017 - Summer School Session 2
  • August 30, 2017 - Falcon Blast
  • September 1, 2017 - Freshmen Orientation
  • September 5, 2017 - First Day of Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for financial aid? When will I hear back?

You can complete a financial aid application online here. Once your application is complete, tax documents have been uploaded, and FACTS has verified your application, we will review it. You will hear back a few weeks after your application has been verified. You must apply by March 20, 2017 to be considered for aid. Please contact Nicholas Grasso with any questions.

My son in currently taking Algebra. How could he take advanced math classes at Xavier?

If your son is currently enrolled in an Algebra 1 class and scored at least in the 70th percentile on the math portion of the Entrance Exam, he can take the Algebra 1 Placement Exam on June 3, 2017 at 8:30 am. By taking this test, you son will demonstrate his understanding and proficiency with Algebra 1 concepts and be able to take Honors Geometry in his freshman year or take the Honors Algebra 1 Review summer course before placing into Honors Geometry.

How do we select elective courses?

You should review the memo sent out by Mr. Sizemore in early February. Please contact him with any questions.

Can my son choose a foreign language to take?

You should review the memo sent out by Mr. Sizemore in early February. Please contact him with any questions.

When does school begin for the 2017-2018 school year?

The first official day of school is Tuesday, September 5, 2017. There are also two orientation days for freshmen – August 30 for Falcon Blast and September 1 for an academic orientation.

What is the Falcon Blast?

  • Falcon Blast is an informal orientation day in order to ease your son’s transition into Xavier. Falcon Blast is also the day when the freshmen meet up with their Big Falcon. They will have time to talk with them, hear speeches from a sophomore about his freshman year and the senior class president. Then we will have lunch and a bunch of fun activities around Xavier including an inflatable obstacle course, soccer, whiffleball, etc.

What happens at orientation?

Freshmen Orientation is a formal orientation day. On this day freshmen will receive their schedules, meet their teachers and have their student ID pictures taken. Freshmen are expected to be in dress code for this second orientation day. The freshmen should bring their devices as well on this day.

When will my son take his ID pictures? Do I have to purchase pictures?

All students will have their ID photo taken at orientation. You should have received an envelope in the mail detailing a photo package. If you would like pictures, select a package and have your son bring this envelope with him to orientation. He will give it to the photographer when his picture is taken. You do not have to purchase pictures. All students will get a picture ID at some point in the first quarter.

How do I put money on the dining hall account?

A link to this service and more information is available here. This service will not be available until mid-late August.

What supplies do students need?

On orientation and the first day of classes, every teacher will go over the supplies students need for class. Teachers may specify the type of notebooks, binders, folders, and writing supplies students will need. How students organize themselves with keeping track of notices, paper, and their supplies is often up to them. Your son should think of a system that worked best for him in middle school. Students generally have a pencil case for writing utensils, a folder for his schedule, general notices, and assignments he will be turning in. Parents often grab a bunch of notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, and other supplies that their sons like best over the summer when there are sales and plentiful selection. Then when teachers tell students what is needed, you will have it at home, ready to go. This will save you from the mad dash and unnecessary stress in September.

What type of backpack should my son use?

Students use a variety of backpacks that have straps to go over the shoulders. Generally, students do not use backpacks on wheels.

Do students need to bring books to the first day of school?

Students should bring their devices to orientation and every day thereafter. Students do not need their textbooks for freshman orientation. They need them for the first day of school (which in this case is the following day). Since students may have many books, they are welcome to put their books in their locker before school starts or bring in a few at a time over the orientation days.

Do students get lockers? Do they need locks?

All students are assigned a locker. Locker locations change every year. The lockers have locks built in so they do not need a lock. Students should purchase a school issued lock from the School Store to use in the locker room for gym class and sports teams. Their combination will be printed on a credentials letter that will be sent our in late August.

What service hours are required? How does my son log his hours?

The service requirement is broken into two parts: 35 underclassmen hours and successful completion of the Senior Service Program. Hours can be completed over the summer and can begin accumulating once a student receives his acceptance letter from Xavier. All thirty underclassmen hours can be completed at any time before second semester of junior year.

Students complete this form. The point of contact for the service organization should sign it and you as a parent should sign it. Then the form should be returned to the campus ministry office at Xavier.

What is the dress code at Xavier?

Students are expected to be properly dressed and neatly groomed at all times. The standard of dress is traditional dress pants, buttoned down dress shirts, tie, dress belt, over-the-calf dress socks, and dress shoes (purchased from Donnelly's). Sweaters and/or sweater vests may be worn during the school day, but must be purchased from the school store. On specific occasions, such as days of school-wide Masses or days when the student is representing the school, a sports jacket may be required. Hair must be neatly kept and well groomed. Refer to the dress code guide or handbook for more details.

Can dress shirts have stripes? If so, can they be thick / thin? Two / three colors?

Solid colored shirts are best. While pinstripe shirts are allowed. It’s best to keep it simple. Plaid shirts are not allowed. You can always send Mr. Cerreta a picture of something to get his opinion before purchasing it for your son.

Can students wear dress buttoned down sweaters and/or pull over sweaters?

All sweaters, sweater vests, and half zips must be purchased from the school store.

What time will the bus pick up my son?

The bus routes begin around 6:45; some start earlier depending on the route. Then the bus follows the route as written. You can map out the route to anticipate what time it will be at your assigned stop. Plan to be at the stop earlier than you think it will be there. The bus will run faster for the first few days as there are fewer students who take the bus for the freshman focused first days of school. The bus will not wait at the stop for you.

How can I monitor my son’s academic progress throughout the year?

You can log on to our NetClassroom system using the credentials noted on the credentials letter which will be mailed in late August. If you need these credentials after that point, call the main office at 860-346-7735 ext. 702. Mozilla Firefox browser works best for using this service.

My son is struggling academically (or not doing as well as he did in middle school), what should I do?

Email his guidance counselor, academic dean, and teachers as soon as you notice a problem. Encourage him to stay after school with his teachers for help. Guidance counselors and academic deans can set your son up with peer tutors and check in with him frequently to keep his grades up. We want to partner with you so your son can achieve his potential. You can find contact information in the Faculty and Staff directory.

What is the best way to contact teachers?

E-mail! You can find all teacher’s e-mail addresses on the Faculty and Staff Directory.

What is the secondary dress code?

On days when the Secondary Dress Code is in effect, students will be permitted to wear a school issued Xavier white or black polo shirt instead of a shirt and tie. The remainder of the Standard Dress Code will be in effect on these days. Polo shirts will be available through the Xavier School Store. The secondary dress code will be in place for September, May, and June and other days at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

What computer should my son bring to Xavier?

Your son should bring a device that meets the current requirements, which include the following: Windows 7, 8, or 10 Operating System, 802.11n Wireless Capability, USB Ports, Minimum 6 Hours of Battery Life, an internet browser. As part of your Xavier’s tuition package, a school email address, a Microsoft OneDrive account, Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus software, and Microsoft Office will be available to each freshman. (A cost savings of $150/year). The following are recommended, but not required: Touchscreen, Stylus Capability, Tracking Software. If you are purchasing a device, a Windows device as described above is required.

If you have any questions or concerns about this requirement please contact Xavier’s Director of Technology, Mr. Ivan Bailey at 860-346-7735 x 778, or Xavier’s Technology Integration Specialist, Mr. Kelsey Doherty at 860-346-7735 x 770. We will be happy to assist you in meeting this requirement.

The following devices are not supported in the BYOD program: Apple devices, Android Tablet Devices, i.e. Samsung Galaxies, iPods, MP 3/4 Players, Chromebooks, Smartphones and devices with 3G/4G Network Access.

More details can be found here.

How can my son join a club or activity?

At the beginning of September each year, from 7:30-8:10 and then from 2:30-3:00 all student clubs and activities will have representatives in the Gym who can talk to students about their club. At this time, students may sign up for a club, but should monitor the announcements and their e-mail to see when that club will be meeting. While the Student Activities Fair is a great place to start, students can join clubs at any point in the year. Many clubs meet at different times throughout the year based on activities.

Where can I find out information for what events are taking place at Xavier?

You should refer to the school calendar, which is available online and is printed at the beginning of the year and distributed to each student. You should also regularly check the announcements, which can be found during the school year on the Parent Page. These announcements detail due dates, club meetings, dress down days.

My son will be absent or needs to leave early. What should I do?

Student absences need to be called in to the school before 9:00 a.m. Students arriving late to school are required to arrive with a note and sign in at the Main Office. Students who will need to be dismissed early must bring a note to the Main Office before 8:15 a.m. in order to be given a pass to be dismissed. Parents are then required to come to the Main Office to sign the student out.

I still have questions, whom should I contact?

Main Office

Paperwork, lockers, attendance

Mrs. Braychak and Mrs. Keereweer


Business Office

Financial aid; FACTS payments; tuition account; fees

Mrs. Patricia Sheehan and

Mr. Dan Cizauskas


Academic Dean for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors

Questions about courses, placement in level, academic support

Mr. David Sizemore


Academic Dean for Seniors

Questions about courses, placement in level, academic support for seniors

Mr. Andrew Gargano


Dean of Students

Student activities, behavior concerns, discipline, policies/procedures, dress code, transportation, attendance

Mr. Nicholas Cerreta


Guidance Counselors

Transition issues, placement, academic/behavior concerns, college applications, testing, accommodations

Mrs. Beth Pattavina


Mrs. Joan Tomasiello


Mr. Rich Magner


Mr. Mark Lambert



Purchasing equipment for BYOD, user/name passwords for accounts

Mr. Ivan Bailey

Mr. Kelsey Doherty



Campus Ministry

Service hours, retreats

Mr. Peter Lyons



Try-outs, policies, problems with sports, intramurals

Mr. Tony Jaskot

Mr. Dan DeConti




Younger brothers interested in Xavier; students thinking of leaving Xavier; potential transfer students; Big Falcons; transition to Xavier

Mr. Nicholas Grasso



Physicals, injuries, etc.

Mrs. Tina Loomis


Dining Hall

Account balances, dietary restrictions, etc.

Mrs. Paula Augeri

860-346-7735 ext. 744