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Pre-HSPT for 7th Graders

The HSPT (High School Placement Test) is the test Xavier uses for placement into our academic program. On Saturday, May 9, 2020 we will offer the opportunity to take the pre-HSPT for current 7th graders interested in attending Xavier in the Fall of 2021. The exam offers a way to prepare for the HSPT and see how you would perform. It will familiarize you with the test content and structure. You will receive a comprehensive scoring report so the test will provide early feedback and help you identify strengths and any areas for improvement.

When? Saturday, May 9 starting at 9 am, concluding at 12 pm (make up test on May 18 at 8 am)

How much will it cost? $10 payable at the time of registration

Parents are invited to join the school administrators for coffee and refreshments at 9 am.

Those who score in the 90th percentile will receive a $500 scholarship to Xavier. You will then take the full HSPT test in November to apply to Xavier.