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Xavier Tuition & Value

Tuition: For 2019-2020

  • $14,600 (Catholics registered with the Norwich Diocese)
  • $14,900 (Catholics registered outside the Norwich Diocese)
  • $15,100 (Catholics Not Registered and Non-Catholics)

For questions call Director of Admissions Nicholas Grasso '05 at 860-346-7735, ext. 743, or email him at nmgrasso@xavierhighschool.org.

Financial Information


  • Activity Fee $240 (all students)
  • Registration Fee $50 (new students)
  • Graduation Fee $100 (all seniors)
  • Busing Fee $975
  • Parking Fee $100 (for juniors and seniors driving to school)
  • Sophomore Retreat $55 (all sophomores)


Approximately $600.00 (if books are bought new). We have partnered with MBS Direct, an online book company to provide books to students.

MBS Direct will buy back used books at the end of each school year and offer used books for sale out of their inventory.


Three different payment plans are available and have been designed to assist parents in budgeting the tuition costs.

  • Payment in full in July directly to Xavier.
  • Half payment on or before mid-July and the remainder on or before December 5th paid directly to Xavier.
  • Monthly payments beginning in July through FACTS automatic deduction for a ten-month period.

Financial Aid

Last year, Xavier High School offered nearly $1,000,000 in tuition assistance. For those interested in applying for tuition assistance for the 2019-2020 school year, you can do so by completing the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment beginning October 1, 2019. All applications must be complete by December 30, 2019.

All financial aid and scholarship awards are deducted from the family's account.

Parents who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties may contact the Headmaster to discuss special arrangements.

Sibling Discounts

  • 2nd Child at Xavier or Mercy – deduct $1,000
  • 3rd Child at Xavier or Mercy – deduct $1,000
  • 4th Child at Xavier or Mercy – Free
  • Sibling discounts only apply to the youngest child at Mercy or Xavier.
  • Either the Catholic School Discount or Sibling Discount apply (not both).


Xavier has a variety of scholarships awarded to freshman applicants. More details can be found here.

Catholic Middle School Discount

Any student who matriculates directly from a Catholic K-8 school will receive a $1,000 discount each year they are enrolled at Xavier. In the event a student has a sibling attending Mercy/Xavier and applies from a Catholic K-8 school, the Catholic School discount applies and not the Sibling Discount. This is so the family will receive this for all four years a student is at Xavier.

CHET (529 Savings Program)

As of January 1, 2018, the Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) allows up to $10,000 per year, per student, to be withdrawn - free from federal tax - from a 529 plan for tuition expenses at private or religious high schools.

End Result: Xavier Education Pays Dividends At College Level

Each year Xavier High School sends students off to some of the finest universities and colleges in the land. The Class of 2019 was no different, with UConn, Providence, Quinnipiac, Roger Williams, St. John’s, Bryant, Bentley, Fordham, and Penn State among the colleges and universities represented. A few figures from this Class of 2019 at the private, Catholic all-boys high school:

Affordability: We're Here To Help

$1,001,000: Financial aid awarded in 2018-2019.

265: Number of students who received financial aid in 2018-2019.

38%: Percentage of students who received financial aid in 2018-2019.

$3,777: Average financial aid award in 2018-2019, 26 percent of tuition.

$385,893: Scholarships awarded in 2018-1019.

A Mother's Story

When Christian Donegan was in middle school, he told his mother he wanted to go to Xavier. She wasn't so sure. He persisted. Money was the issue but did not prove to be an obstacle to end the dream.

Deana Donegan with Christian Donegan at Xavier High School's 2018 graduation.

Deana Donegan applied for financial aid. "I explained to him that the only way he would be able to go was if we got some type of assistance."

Xavier gave financial aid. Now Christian is a rising sophomore at RPI studying Industrial Systems Management. He applied to 11 schools and got into all but one, each school offering "amazing offers of merit scholarships/grants," Deana said.

RPI proved to be the right fit, and he had a very good freshman year," Deana said.

"We owe a lot to Xavier. By going to Xavier it put him at an advantage both academically and socially. He was a very well-rounded student. He played football all four years, did track, was part of a few clubs and volunteered a ton."

Respect: How A Xavier Education Is Viewed

“I know that students from Xavier are going to be prepared to take on the rigor of a place like RPI, especially from a math and science standpoint. Furthermore, students from Xavier are good citizens and that often comes across clearly in their applications through their commitment to helping others.”

RPI Admissions Counselor Jim Driggs