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Top 10 Reasons To Come To Xavier

1 Grow academically, spiritually and socially in a Catholic environment devoted to making each student the best he can be. Come in as a boy, leave as a man.

2 You can be yourself … all beliefs, all thoughts encouraged. Try new things. Find out who you are and who you are meant to be.

3 Be taught by teachers who get to know you and have a passion for what they do. Many go beyond the classroom to moderate clubs or coach sports, helping guide you in other ways.

4 Be surrounded by like-minded peers, meeting kids from around the state, all the while expanding yourself. You won’t lose your friends -- but you will gain brothers.

5 Take classes in engineering, business, multimedia, economics, languages and computer programming, setting yourself up to become a vital part of the 21st century workforce. There are 47 elective course offerings.

6 Feed the spirit, mind and body. There are Masses, retreats, service opportunities, field days, clubs and sports. The more than 40 clubs range from a nationally recognized robotics team to a ski club. A tradition of excellence extends to the athletic program, which has 18 sports and is the winner of 90 state and New England titles.

7 There might not be girls, but Mercy is a quick jaunt down the street and there are many Xavier-Mercy social opportunities such as dances, plays and musicals, joint peer ministry events. Put your best foot forward as in all things Xavier!

8 Learn to be a responsible citizen in service to others and aware of the world around you, just as Xavier has done by producing all its power from solar panels.

9 By the time you leave you’ll figure out the answers to these questions: Who was Theodore James Ryken? What’s the connection between Tony Jaskot, Larry McHugh and Artie Kohs? What’s the Falcon Blast?

10 Fab Fridays, when you get to shed the shirt and tie and put on a Xavier polo. Wear the colors proudly!