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Legacy Families

Since 1963, Xavier has looked to provide something different to families.

With a tight connection to the past and an eye to the future, Xavier has worked hard to establish a unique community of students, graduates, faculty and family. As part of our efforts to stay connected to our past, present and future, we have created the first Legacy Registry at Xavier.

What Does Legacy Mean at Xavier?

For the last three decades, Xavier has honored legacy families at each commencement ceremony.

As part of a powerful presentation, alumni fathers receive a legacy medal from their graduating sons. The moment, which comes at about the halfway point of graduation, is an important part of Xavier.

It represents the shared values between generations of Xavier men and the passing of the torch to a new group of leaders.

Now each family will be part of the Legacy Registry.

Are you ready to start a new tradition?

Xavier will hold a special Thanksgiving Family Mass on Saturday, November 24 at 10 a.m. in the Xavier High School Gym. After the mass, Xavier Legacy Families will be honored, including a special recognition for early families that never received medals.

The Legacy Registry

Are you a Xavier Legacy?

The Legacy Registry represents over six decades of Xavier men. We have done our best to verify the names of grandfathers, fathers and sons, but we need your help, too.

If you notice any families missing or incorrect information, please contact the advancement team.

Download The Registry

Are you able to help share legacy information? If you have any photos or information we can use to highlight legacy families, please email the Advancement team. We will be sharing photos on social media and the website.

Contact Advancement

(860) 346-7735

Elizabeth Whitty


Director of Advancement

Greg Jaskot


Associate Director of Advancement