Alumni Golf Classic

  The 38th Annual Alumni Golf Classic, despite the challenge of COVID-19, raised about $85,000. As usual Xavier alumni and others rallied to the cause, by playing in the Sept. 11 tournament and/or sponsoring some aspect of the event. The proceeds of the tournament, once again played at Portland Golf Course, go for financial aid for Xavier students.
  This year's event was in honor of former Xavier track and field and cross country coach Bob Michalski. He coached at Xavier from 1967-2005, and his cross country, indoor track and outdoor track teams dominated the state for years, winning 65 Class, State Open and New England titles. He started at Xavier in 1966, teaching French.

  There were more than 40 “In Honor of Coach Michalski” signs lining the entranceway to the course with the names of former Xavier cross country and track and field athletes on them. “Wow,” Michalski said more than once when asked about it. “To see all those signs, wow, it almost knocked me out my seat.”

  Michalski said there was no way to predict the greatness of his programs, “but after a while I knew it was going well and the kids were going to college and there were so many successes ... you just look here today. There are so many success stories in so many ways.”

For a video tribute by some of Michalski's former athletes that was shown at the 2020 tournament, please click here.
For a list of our sponsors, click here.