Respect For Xavier




Those who work in admissions take notice of a Xavier student. It is never easy to quantify an education, but from talking to various admissions personnel at colleges and universities, a Xavier student stands out. The mission of educating the whole person (spirit, mind and body) comes through.


Here are some quotes from those who work in college admissions...



“I remember when I first started reading applications from Xavier, I couldn’t help but acknowledge how strong the recommendation letters were for every student. Initially, I had my doubts … but as I continued to read such strong recommendations I realized each and every one was coming from an authentic place. It wasn’t that those recommending were soft, it was that the students they recommended were so strong.”

Fairfield University Admissions Counselor Nick Rejebian



“I know that students from Xavier are going to be prepared to take on the rigor of a place like RPI, especially from a math and science standpoint. Furthermore, students from Xavier are good citizens and that often comes across clearly in their applications through their commitment to helping others.”

RPI Admissions Counselor Jim Driggs




“We are actively seeking to bring in as many Xavier students as possible, knowing they are good citizens who will contribute to the community and will succeed academically.”

Jim Fowler, VP of Enrollment Management at Salve Regina in Newport, R.I.




“Xavier students are challenged inside and outside the classroom.”

Pedro Ondrush, Assistant Director of Admissions at Quinnipiac




“[Xavier] students are hardworking and engaged within their communities.”

Courtney Kipp, Associate Director of Admissions, Northeastern University



“Sure, I do still read [essays] about not making a sports team, or a sports injury, or another common topic, but I appreciate them because the reflection part we’re always looking for comes through. I find myself not just reading about not making a team, but rather a specific skill set learned and then put into practice from the experience -- and more than just ‘I was sad, but tried even harder the next year.’ I feel this shows the development of the whole self."

Providence College Admissions Counselor Elizabeth Ward