Peer Ministry


The Peer Ministry Team has been an important part of Xavier’s history for many years, having gained a reputation as servant leaders, role models, and representatives of the school. Xavier has six teachers or administrators who were peer ministers during their senior year: David Applegate ‘98, Nick Cerreta ‘01, Brian Fitzgerald ‘99, Jeremy Fowler ‘94, Nick Grasso ‘05, and Jim Royce ’99.


Peer Ministers are expected to:

  • Attend XLI (Xavier Leadership Institute), our summer leadership retreat, in August.
  • Attend regular meetings once or twice a week throughout the school year, from 7:30–8 a.m.
  • Set a good example as a role model in the Xavier community.
  • Move beyond their comfort zone and face new challenges, such as giving talks and leading group discussions.
  • Attend all Sophomore Saturday retreats.
  • Volunteer for other activities at the request of the Campus Ministry Team.


Peer Ministers may be called upon to do any or all of the following:

  • Serve at Mass as a lector, altar server, gift bearer, or banner bearer.
  • Lead group discussions on student retreats.
  • Give talks at student retreats.
  • Represent Xavier at events in our local community.
  • Speak about their Xavier experience at parent nights.
  • Participate in school-wide Advent and Lenten reflections/prayer services.
  • Lead school-wide morning prayer over the P.A. system.
  • Lead prayer at other school events, such as orientation days.
  • Design and facilitate retreats for local Catholic middle school students.
  • Organize and lead service trips in the local community.
Based upon a student's application, sponsor form by an adult outside of Xavier, and feedback from faculty and staff, qualified candidates will be invited to attend an interview with one or more members of the Campus Ministry Team. This interview will be the final determining factor regarding acceptance to the Peer Ministry Team.


Chris Beaudoin, Damian Bianchi, John Carrozzella, Adam Chasse, Nicholas Cusano, James DeDonato, Selorm Dogbey, Matt Fuffo, Isaac Gonzalez, Brady Higgins, Chris Jacy, Stephen King, Nick Kirejczyk, Tristan Kolb, Joe  Lallier, Joey Lane, Colin Loria, Thomas Lunt, Rory McCormack, Joe O'Brien, Justin Patenaude, Alec Pawlowicz, Andrew Quintana, Jack Roy, Alex Schumann, Liam Sheeley, Sam Simko, Keegan Truscinski, Sheel Vallam, Marko Vidackovic, Will Webb, Isaac Wolfgang, Mitchell Wollen