Drivers Education

If you're a Xavier alumni, or a member of the Xavier Community, you can't help but remember that yellow Student Driver sign on that non-descript black sedan somewhere in the Xavier parking lot. 
Whether you graduated last year or your son graduated 20 years ago, you know that car and you probably have some Driver's Ed story in your family. 
Graduate after graduate have gotten behind the wheel and learned to drive at Xavier. And that won't change anytime soon. 
This Fall, we're once again offering Driver's Education Classes with our trusty instructors. 
Please stay tuned for an updated schedule and sign-up form to be released later this summer! 
For more information, parents/guardians and students can email Mr. William Braychak ([email protected]). 
To see the Driver Education Schedule for 2021-2022, please click here
To obtain the Driver Education Registration Form for 2021-2022, please click here