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Nicholas Grasso '05

Director of Admissions


860-346-7735 ext. 743

Expedition: Xavier

What to Expect

Expedition: Xavier is an enrichment camp for young men entering grades 5-8 held at Xavier High School. For Summer 2019, there will be one week-long session offered to teach students about robotics and programming.


When? July 15-19 (9 a.m. - 12 noon)

Where? Xavier High School

Who? Young men entering grades 5-8

How much? $300

What will a typical day be like? During the week, students will work with a Lego EV3 kit to construct robots for various tasks. They will then use their robots to engage in various competitions.

Questions? Contact Nicholas Grasso at 860-346-7735 ext. 743 or email.