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Available scholarships can be accessed through Naviance.

You will need to use your Naviance password to enter the site. Make an appointment with your guidance counselor if you need help with scholarships.

Scholarship applications can be downloaded from their website or from Naviance.

As of January, new scholarships come in daily , so be sure to check it often.

If you need to upload your transcript let Mrs. Wyzykowski know and she can email you a PDF that you can attach & upload to your online application.

If you need letters of rec to accompany a paper application come to guidance with your completed scholarship and we can add the recs and mail it out for you. Remember teacher recs are not available for you to read.

Other Scholarships

SchoolSoup.com is the largest FREE on-line database of scholarships for students pursuing a post-secondary education with over 250,000 College Specific and Private Scholarships listed.

Check out this site too:



Questions for Guidance?

Contact us directly at

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