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2019-2020 SAC Officers Elected

2019-2020 SAC Officers Elected
2019-2020 SAC Officers Elected

Elections for next year's Student Activities Council (SAC) officers were held last week. Each of the groups running prepared a video that was shown in homeroom. They were creative, imaginative, and showed a sense of humor.

The leaders of SAC for the 2019-2020 school year:

Student Body President Akshay Khunte and Student Body Vice President Mark Grasso

Sophomore Class President/Vice-President: Sheel Vallam / Luke Solomon

Junior Class President/Vice-President: Vinnie Pagliuca / Donny Frost

Senior Class President/Vice-President: Michael Bevilacqua / Cam Bartolomeo

Congratulations to all.

Xavier is a private, all-boys Catholic high school in Middletown, CT.