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Gesseck, Mullins Win Awards At Model U.N. Event

Gesseck, Mullins Win Awards At Model U.N. Event
Gesseck, Mullins Win Awards At Model U.N. Event

Jake Gesseck '22, at right in photo, won Best Position Paper and Robert Mullins '22 won the People's Choice Award on March 7 at the B.C. High Model U.N. event.

In Gesseck's position paper he represented former Labour Party member Lisa Forbes on the British House of Commons Extremism Committee.

"The position paper is supposed to present details about the issue and possible solutions to solve that issue, and you're supposed to write it as if you are that person and using their point of view and not your own," Gesseck said.

The paper dealt with "the need for stricter laws to help prevent the continuous rise of acid and knife attacks in the United Kingdom."

Mullens was on the same committee and said he spent a lot of time asking for an unmoderated caucus, and he was denied each time by the judge.

"It's less structured, there is no speakers list and allotted time," Mullins said. "I felt it was the best way to handle this ... that it would be the realistic way to represent a committee in the British House of Commons."

He didn't give up, asking for the unmoderated caucus after lunch but was denied again.

"Eventually I stood up during the moderated caucus and said the kind of debate this structure enables us is not conducive to the work we need to do ... I think it resonated with people."

The delegates in the committee, and there were close to 20, voted for him to win the People's Choice Award for Best Delegate.

Mullins has been in Model U.N. both years at Xavier and said he'd like to work in politics or diplomacy. Gesseck is in his first year and was encouraged by Mullins to give it a try. Now he's found a home, too.