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Luke Bassett Is January Leader Of The Month

Luke Bassett Is January Leader Of The Month
Luke Bassett Is January Leader Of The Month

Putting others first ... shows leadership qualities ... works tirelessly ... a role model to underclassmen.

Those are some of the descriptions of Luke Bassett '20, chosen by the Empower Leadership Club as the January Leader Of The Month.

"Those who work with him the most describe Luke as being positive, sincere, helpful, kind, hardworking and dependable," read part of his nomination.

His reaction to winning the award: "surprised, but it feels very rewarding."

Bassett says Xavier has given him "the opportunity to grow as a person, the opportunity to do more than I might have elsewhere. I've grown to be more of a leader. I was captain of the robotics team last year and this year I'm mentor in training, the next highest level."

When asked what it is about robotics that he enjoys, he didn't hesitate.

"Everything," is how he summed it up in one word before expanding on that thought.

"It's great," Bassett said. "It's a fun, stressful time. I program the robot so we stay here late at night ... We have six weeks to build a robot and program it. It's taught me a lot that I wouldn't get in a normal classroom setting."

Bassett said about 40 students are on the robotics roster, the increase from last year necessitating splitting off into more units.

"Luke works tirelessly to make sure that the team is on schedule and that everyone feels included and has a fulfilling role on the team," his nomination read. "On the same note, Luke does a wonderful job as a peer minister. He helps lead the way during Campus Ministry activities to ensure all goes well and everyone has a rewarding experience."

Junior Nucci Delaney, at left in the photo, read the nomination letter to the student body over the PA system at the close of school Wednesday when the award was announced.He handed the award to Bassett after school.

Xavier High School is a private, Catholic all-boys school in Middletown, CT., and a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.