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Missions/Spirit Week Starts Monday

Missions/Spirit Week Starts Monday
Missions/Spirit Week Starts Monday

Get ready for some food, fun, school spirit, and support the great Xaverian Missions work.

Next week is Xaverian Missions/Spirit Week, a collaborative effort of the Student Activities Council (SAC), the Ryken Service Society, and Campus Ministry.

Monday: Sports Apparel Theme (the homeroom that has the best participation will be given a prize). There also is prayer and a Power Point in the chapel all day from the Ryken Service Society to raise awareness of Xaverian Missions.

Tuesday: Dynamic Duo (students will dress in pairs; two winners will be crowned). There also is a bake sale to raise money for the Xaverian Missions.

Wednesday: USA Day (students will dress in their most patriotic apparel – red, white, and blue is the rule of the day).

Thursday: Xavier Apparel Day (Wear the colors proudly). There also is a chili cook-off. The faculty and staff make chili, which is judged by a few members of the faculty and student body. Once the judging is over, the chili is sold to students at all lunch waves. The winner will be announced at the end of the day. All money made will be donated to the Xaverian Missions.

Friday: Color Wars (freshmen: blue; sophomores: red; juniors: white; seniors: black (the winning class will be determined at the Intramural Basketball Championship game; it will be a combination of participation and how loud each class can be! The winning class will be awarded a dress down day later in the school year.

Also, throughout the week the flags of the countries in which the Brothers serve will be on display in the chapel, and the morning prayer will honor the work of the Brothers in various countries.

There also are "change wars" all week. Each class has a large water jug to fill. That activity takes place during the lunch waves and will be manned by Ryken and SAC members.

The Congregation of Xaverian Brothers was founded by Theodore James Ryken in Bruges, Belgium, in 1839. During the early days in Bruges, the Brothers worked in parish poor schools and grade schools.

The first foreign mission was England in 1848. In 1854 the first Xaverians arrived in Louisville, Ky., to take charge of two parish grade schools. From Louisville the Brothers expanded to Baltimore, then Boston, New York, the Midwest, and New England.

Other missions would start in Africa (1930), in Bolivia (1960), and in Haiti (1989).