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Ron L. James Reminds Students Life Is All About Choices

Ron L. James Reminds Students Life Is All About Choices
Ron L. James Reminds Students Life Is All About Choices

Ron L. James is a big believer in what we say to ourselves can easily turn into reality. We say it, we believe it.

So be careful what you say to yourself.

James also knows life is all about choices and one of his familiar slogans is, "Make your next choice your best choice."

James is an author and motivational speaker, and he came to Xavier Tuesday to talk with juniors and seniors at an assembly in the gym. He is animated and engaging and knows all about making the wrong choices.

He spent about 25 years in prison.

He was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and as he says, at one time "no one would trust him, not friend or family or foe, not even his own shadow."

He turned around his life in prison, spent three years writing a book called "Choices." The Ron James Story also is movie by the same name (www.choicesmovie.com).

The Jones story is at once sad and uplifting. His mother never gave up on him and used to speak the words, "Good better best, may you never rest, until the good gets better and the better best." It's an ages-old quote and something that will always resonate with James.

His mother never got to see him as the man he is today, bringing his message to various parts of the country, trying not to preach but to simply tell his story.

"The students were engaged and when they are engaged it makes it that much easier," James said. "It was very meaningful to me."

And meaningful to the Xavier students, some of whom asked questions in the Q&A session, some of whom went up to James after the assembly to talk or buy one of his books.

Good better best ... the daily journey of James. And on this day he had little rest. He was on the road from Philadelphia around 2 a.m. to get to Middletown for the 8:30 assembly, trying to make someone's next choice be their best choice.

Xavier is a private, Catholic all-boys high School in Middletown, CT.