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St. Francis Xavier Mass Moved To Thursday

St. Francis Xavier Mass Moved To Thursday
St. Francis Xavier Mass Moved To Thursday

The Mass for the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, scheduled for Tuesday for Xavier stuidents, has been moved to Thursday (Dec.) 5 at 9:10 am. The other adjustment to the Founder's Week activities will be the $5 Xavier Apparel Day being moved to Wednesday. The money from the apparel day supports Xaverian missions.

All week Xavier High School is celebrating Founders and Xaverian Mission Week, a collaborative effort between the Ryken Service Society and Campus Ministry.

St. Francis Xavier pictures hidden throughout the building. Xaverian values of the day, from humility to simplicity to compassion to zeal to trust. Bake sales and chili cook-offs and $5 Xavier apparel days. All of that is among the week's activities.

On Monday in the chapel, the various religion classes gathered as Ryken Service Society members James DeDonato'22, Ethan Kerr '20, Liam Houchin '21 and Shane Mendez '20 took turns presenting a power point to the classes.

The power point presentation reminded Xavier students how fortunate they are to go to a school that offers so much. In some countries, any education at all is a gift. Another slide showed Xaverian Brothers in Haiti, a country that has been devastated by many natural disasters. Yet, Haitians remain thankful and spiritual through it all.

The week is a mix between remembering our founder, Theodore James Ryken, and the Xaverian Brothers who led the way, and fundraising events to support Xaverian Missions.