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The EJK Classic Car Show Returns This Saturday

The EJK Classic Car Show Returns This Saturday
The EJK Classic Car Show Returns This Saturday

Xavier senior Jon Kee Vose received the Xavier High School Business Award on Thursday evening at the Academic Awards Night.

In front of his family and friends, he quickly walked to the stage set up in Kohs Gymnasium.

With his head down, Kee Vose made his way up the stairs, shook the hand of Headmaster David Eustis and accepted his award.

It was a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. But for Vose it is not where he prefers to spend his time.

A few minutes later, he was back behind the scenes, where he often does his best work. This time he was helping with a raffle for his beloved classic car club and their upcoming show.

For the last six months, Vose has been working meticulously to put together Saturday's 12th Annual Eric J. Kalber Xavier High School Car Show at Xavier High School. In his own spare time, the caring and compassionate senior, who is headed to Salve Regina next fall, has done everything to make the event a success. Get a bunch of sponsors? Check. Set up deadlines that need to be hit? Check. Write press releases for the local media? You bet.

When it comes to the Classic Car Club, the Xavier Car Show and the Kalber family, there's nothing Vose won't do. It is his goal to honor the life of 2004 graduate Eric Kalber with Saturday's show.

"It is important that Eric's legacy lives on and we're proud to help raise money for a Xavier scholarship," Kee Vose said .

As the president of the Classic Car Club, Vose has made it a goal of his and the club's goal to support the Eric Kalber Scholarship. So after the show was in jeopardy of stopping a few years back, Vose made sure Xavier went all in with its help. Led by his constant enthusiasm for the cause and the help of several local sponsors, the event survived. And now, Vose is looking for a big Saturday.

All dollars raised go to the EJK scholarship fund.

"It is an honor to work with the Kalber family, as well as team members of the Classic Car Club to help keep the memory of Eric J. Kalber alive," Vose said.

The Kalber family hosted the EJK Car Show for 10 years in memory of their son, who died in a car accident a little over a year after graduating. But now the Xavier Classic Car Club and the Kalber family work as partners when it comes to the show. And the expectations are high for this year. Vose has been busy getting the word out and making sure there are sponsors and plenty of vehicles registered for the event.

The show starts at 10 a.m. and goes to 2 p.m. at Xavier High School on Saturday. There is a $1 donation per person to attend the event, which includes food, music, entertainment and a silent auction.