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Unwrapping The Goodness Of God At New Year Mass

Unwrapping The Goodness Of God At New Year Mass
Unwrapping The Goodness Of God At New Year Mass

When we think of Christmas, we think of gifts, all too often of the materialistic nature. After all, we're human.

But when we step back, and when we are reminded by a homily such as the one delivered during the New Year Mass Tuesday by the Rev. David Choquette '90, we begin to think of gifts in other terms.

The gifts that God has given us each and every day. The gifts we use to help others. In the Xavier High School gym Tuesday for the Mass were faculty, staff and students. A lot of talent. A lot of people who use their God-given skills.

A teacher. A coach. A guidance counselor. A student. An athlete. A musician. All with gifts granted by God.

The liturgical season of Christmas concludes with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which is Sunday.

When we step back, we realize the gifts God has given us, but what gift do we give God?

"As you look back on the Christmas season and sum up what it is all about in one word, one word could be gifts. We celebrate the gift of Jesus; we give gifts and we receive gifts," Rev. Choquette said. "When we think about the gifts wrapped up in Christmas, the question is what is the gift we can give God. God gives us many gifts, not only in the Christmas season, but every day of our lives. As we embark upon 2020 think about the gifts we offer to God. The best gift is the gift of ourselves. Not necessarily in grand things we do, but in how we live our lives every day."

Rev. Choquette reminded us to use the God-given gifts and talents we have to best of our ability, and to be the best person we can be.

"The gift we can give to God is the gift of our kindness, our respect, our care, our concern, our compassion, our understanding that we show to one another," Rev. Choquette said. "The forgiveness that we show to one another is a gift we can offer God. The respect we have for other people, even those who have different opinions from ourselves, is a gift we can give to God. God loves us equally. The love we show to one another is how we can show our love to God."

Xavier High School is a private, Catholic all-boys school in Middletown, CT., and is a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.