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Where Did The Time Go? Graduation Almost Here

Where Did The Time Go? Graduation Almost Here
Where Did The Time Go? Graduation Almost Here

Xavier will livestream the Baccalaureate Mass Friday night and Graduation Saturday morning. Go to nfhsnetwork.com and search for Xavier.

When the school calendar was handed out about nine months ago, didn't May 24 and May 25 seem so far away? We hadn't even experienced fall yet, never mind winter. And would spring ever come?

But here we are. Friday night is the Baccalaureate Mass. Saturday morning is graduation.

The gym has been set up for the events. The seniors have had two practices – and have been fed well in preparation.

Tuesday was the senior picnic, maybe for some the first burgers and hotdogs of the season, fired up on the grill by Dean of Students Nick Cerreta '01, proudly wearing a New York Giants apron and chef's hat. If there's anything that comes close to his love of the black and white of Xavier, it would be Giants blue. As administrative assistant Marie Braychak, the senior class moderator, worked to keep the food flowing, seniors were on the turf field, playing soccer, knockerball and assorted games.

Studying and exams were a thing of the past (at least for the time being), so it was time for fun and games.

In the administrative offices that day, Donna Jaskot, assistant to the Headmaster and Principal, was doing what she has done for years, preparing the programs for the Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement.

On Wednesday morning, 2007 graduate Alondre Rush, an assistant football coach who works in financial planning, spoke at the senior breakfast in the cafeteria. But before we got there we saw administrative assistant Lisa Keereweer putting together a display for the glassed-in bulletin board in the main hallway to the gym. She had gathered some photos, highlighting just a few of the many moments that make up the collage of the seniors' final year here.

When Rush spoke to the seniors, one theme was to give back in whatever way they can. Time, talent, and eventually money. He knew some of the kids, not all, but as he said they are all brothers now. They are Xavier alumni.

Headmaster Dave Eustis told the seniors that undoubtedly they will stay in contact with some of their friends and classmates years down the road. And, as they head to college and beyond, their path could change from what they expect, but that is all part of the process. Find your passion, he told them.

And the breakfast started with Greg Jaskot, Associate Director of Advancement, telling the crowd to never stop being who you are.

The world awaits.

Xavier is a private, all-boys Catholic high school in Middletown, CT.