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Xavier Engineering Team Wins A Silver Medal

Xavier Engineering Team Wins A Silver Medal
Xavier Engineering Team Wins A Silver Medal

The Xavier High School engineering team spent eight months preparing and it all came down to 15 minutes.

On Saturday morning, the team presented virtually after spending the last eight months designing and developing a drone that would theoretically deliver packages in an urban environment. At first, they were together in the building and able to do this. That all changed with the coronavirus pandemic, which shut down schools, and also meant that the Real World Design Challenge, normally held in Washington, D.C., would be held virtually.

None of it mattered. The students persevered, met the challenge and won the silver medal in the Real World Design Challenge.

Congratulations to the team of Alex Pralea '20, Ryan Frier '21, Tim Rinaldi '20, Rithik Kurup '23, Zachary Dolan '21, Holden Whaley '21 and Eoin Wallace '21 won the silver medal in the 2020 Real World Design Challenge this weekend. And kudos to coach Kelsey Doherty.

"The team has been working non-stop since August 2019 – since nearly the end of last year's competition! I'm very proud of all their hard work," Doherty said. "Even with the onset of COVID-19 they didn't stop. They simply transitioned to remote meetings via Zoom and kept working."

Xavier High School is a private, Catholic all-boys high school in Middletown, CT., and a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.