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Xavier Looking Into Possibility Of Adding A Middle School

Xavier Looking Into Possibility Of Adding A Middle School
Xavier Looking Into Possibility Of Adding A Middle School

Xavier, which for 56 years has provided a Catholic high school education to thousands of students in Connecticut, will conduct a feasibility study to determine if it should add a middle school.

The Xavier Board of Directors approved the study, which will take about six months, on Thursday.

The study is expected to not only determine the viability of a middle school but also the tuition structure and what grades would be included in the middle school.

The location of the all-boys middle school would be on the Xavier campus.

"By looking into the possibility of opening a middle school at Xavier, we are trying to see if Xavier can help more students in our community experience the benefits of a Catholic education," Xavier Headmaster David Eustis said. "We're excited to see what the study finds and looking forward to exploring this option for students and families."

Those who send their sons to Xavier High School overwhelmingly believe in the all-boys, Catholic education provided by Xavier. Adding a middle school allows students to experience a Xaverian education at a critical time in their life. Middle school can be a turning point in how a student views education. It is a time to develop study habits, to embrace learning and to value the importance of an education. And, in the Xavier model, to learn the importance of serving others and living within a Christian framework.

In the months ahead, Xavier will be looking at data from surveys and studying other Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools that have middle schools.

If the feasibility study supports such a move and the Board of Directors votes to approve, Xavier would begin the process of determining when the middle school would begin operations. During that period, Xavier would focus on such things as hiring, student recruitment, outreach programs, open houses, renovations, developing curriculum and other programs, and marketing and communications.

Xavier High School is a private, all-boys Catholic school in Middletown, CT., and a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School.