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Xavier: Rich In History (A 23-Part Series)

Xavier: Rich In History (A 23-Part Series)
Xavier: Rich In History (A 23-Part Series)

It's Throwback Thursday at Xavier High School.

Ok, class. You have 30 minutes to complete this test.

And we can tell you where to find the answers.

On our website today we are unveiling a history of Xavier, a chapter by chapter look at what makes this such a special and unique place. There is an introduction and 23 chapters, ranging from stories and photos on the planning and dedication of the school to stories and photos on some of the pioneers. We also list our sports version of Mount Rushmore.

Undoubtedly more chapters will be added.

A navigation bar lists all the chapters no matter which page you're on. Dig in, have fun, remember the past, hopefully find out something you didn't know. Go to https://www.xavierhighschool.org/about-us/xavier-history-tradition

And now, back to the test.

Which Bishop of Norwich helped lead the campaign to raise money for the creation of Xavier and Mercy?

Who was the first Principal of Xavier?

What was on the grounds of Xavier before it became a school?

Who were the first two lay teachers to be hired at Xavier?

What do the heart and flower represent in the Xavier seal?

The close-of-day prayer was written by: a.) students; b) faculty and staff; c). religion teachers.

What are the five spiritual values of the Xaverian charism?

Who wrote the words to the Xavier Alma Mater?

How did the Xavier yearbook gets its name?

Who is the patron saint of Catholic missions?

One of the most popular Brothers grew up in Middletown, graduated from Xavier and came back to teach here, but died far too young. Who is he?

Only seven Brothers have served as either Principal or Headmaster at Xavier. Can you name them?

Xavier is a private, Catholic all-boys high school in Middletown, CT.