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Xavier Sends Six To Southern Regional Music Festival

Xavier Sends Six To Southern Regional Music Festival
Xavier Sends Six To Southern Regional Music Festival

The Xavier Music department was well-represented Xavier at one of the top festivals for high school students in Connecticut.

Last weekend, Anthony Satrohan '21, Brian Satrohan '21, Ben Howell '20, Chris Drisdelle '21, Liam Sheeley '22 and Noah Scecina-White '21 each represented the music department at the Southern Regional Musical Festival.

"They're all great students, they're fun to work with and they like a good challenge," Elligers said about the six representatives. "They're super deserving of these accolades."

The three members of the Xavier Chorus selected -- Scecina-White, Sheeley and Drisdelle -- were the largest number to ever attend the event for the program. Sheeley is also new to chorus this year.

"I'm noticing that the chorus is generally getting better at taking risks and getting to a better level musically," Elligers said.

Anthony Satrohan made it for tuba and Brian Satrohan made it for mallets. Howell was accepted for bassoon. All three preformed as part of the band.

The number of participants might not be the highest the department has ever seen. But Elligers, who is currently in the process of finalizing the playlist for the spring concert, sees plenty of reason to be excited.

"It is never a bad thing to see students go and perform at this level and learn at this level because they can bring it back to the group and the school," Elligers said. "It is a really rewarding experience."

In the last two years, the chorus has helped generate some of that excitement around the department.

With a renewed focus and some accelerated instructions for an eager group of young singers (they've been doing sight singing), the chorus has been making strong progress recently.

"I think there are members that really want this," Elligers said. "It is a good time for us."

For the students, the performance has its own significance.

"I feel honored and happy that I made it among many other musical students such as myself," Drisdelle said. "I believe that this experience will allow me to grow musically."

Brian Satrohan, who was making his first appearance, focused on performing with an ensemble.

"To me, the regional band performance is about showcasing the musical talent of the entire ensemble," Satrohan said. "Yes, the performance displays the musical talent of the individuals, but it displays more so the ability of musicians to blend with an ensemble with whom they do not normally perform."

It is also a chance to represent Xavier with the best. And that is something they never take lightly.

"I am very fortunate to have been chosen for this experience because it is a great opportunity for me to grow as a musician, and for me to represent Xavier outside of school," Sheeley said.