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Home & School Association

The Home and School Association is composed of parents and guardians of Xavier students and seeks to improve Xaverian life in the following ways:

  • To help parents and teachers acquire a profound appreciation of the ideals of Catholic education.
  • To promote clearer understanding of the mutual educational responsibilities of parents and teachers.
  • To create, organize, promote, and bring parents, families, friends, and students together to socialize and raise money for the benefit of the Xavier Community.

Information concerning Home and School activities may be obtained by calling the Administrative Office at Xavier High School at 860-346-7735 Ext. 700.

Parent Volunteers

HSA relies on parent volunteers to successfully support the school. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer and or/join committees. Click here to access the Parent Volunteer Page.


HSA leadership is composed of officers who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the executive committee. The association also has both standing and special committees composed of several members. The work of the committees is generally social, spiritual and athletic in nature.

Officers 2018-2019

President: Mrs. Sue Houle

Vice President: Mrs. Nijija-Ife Waters

Treasurer: Tom Belzek

Secretary : Joanne Errera

Committee Chairs

Athletic: Open

Auction: Mrs. Sue Houle

Communication: Mrs. Kim Salley

Hospitality: Mrs. Tricia Dahl, Mrs. Celeste Religa, Ms. Kari Copeland

Liaison: Mrs. Tracy Dardick

Class Reps

Mrs. Kim Salley-Senior Class Rep

Mr. Tom Kaye-Junior Class Rep

Mrs. Kim Salley- Sophomore Class Rep

Mrs. Andrea Solomon-Freshman Class Rep


School Policies

Parents are encouraged to periodically review our Student Handbook with your sons - particularly our academic integrity, cell phone, dress code, BYOD, and early dismissal policies.