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A Sebby Fazzino Production: A High Schooler's Manifesto

Over the last four years, Sebby Fazzino '19 has amazed us with his work on the stage.

Jesus Christ Superstar. Sister Act. The Addams Family. You can't take it with you. Anonymous .

You name the production. We can bet you remember what Sebby Fazzino was doing and how he made you laugh and how he made you feel as one of Xavier's many talented performers.

During his time at Xavier, Fazzino has left an incredible impact on the theater program. And reminded us why we love going to see shows in the first place.

Now as he prepares to graduate with the rest of the Class of 2019 on May 25, Fazzino is giving us one last gift. But this time, he's changing it up a bit.

He's not just doing it from the stage.

Sebby is telling his own story.

After several long days, Sebby has written his own play and he's set to bring it to life with another amazing cast of classmates and friends from Xavier and Mercy High School.

A High Schooler's Manifesto.

The details of the plot are being kept secret. But we hope you can join us.

There will be two performances. The first on Thursday. The second is Friday. Both start at 6 p.m. in the Xavier Music Room.

It is the final act in a career that will live on long after Xavier. Congrats to Sebby and the rest the cast. We can't wait for Thursday and Friday.

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