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Campus Ministry

XLI 2019 Registration

Campus Ministry Team

Mr. Peter Lyons (Director), Brother Philip Revell, C.F.X. & Mr. John Guinan

The Campus Ministry Office can be reached at: 860-346-7735 x714

“You are called to a life of constant searching. Let the developments and changes of your times be a source both of confidence and challenge to you.”
– from the Foundational Principles of the Xaverian Brothers

Campus Ministry is the "heart" of our school. The Catholic call of our school motto - "Be a man... a man like Christ" - is made alive through the work of Campus Ministry. Through participation in the sacraments, service opportunities, and retreats, students are able to grow in their spiritual life and develop their God-given talents, not only for themselves, but also for the good of others.

Service to others is an essential component of the life of a Xavier man. We offer an international service trip to Guatemala every year, a domestic trip to Camden, NJ, and local service opportunities throughout the year. A Xavier man understands the call to help those in need, whether they be around the world or across the lunch table.

A commitment to "Do More" is at the core of our school's mission which is exemplified through Campus Ministry.


Please use this form to record all service hours.