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Campus Ministry

XLI 2019 Registration

Campus Ministry Team

Mr. Peter Lyons (Director), Brother Philip Revell, C.F.X. & Mr. John Guinan

The Campus Ministry Office can be reached at: 860-346-7735 x714

“You are called to a life of constant searching. Let the developments and changes of your times be a source both of confidence and challenge to you.”
– from the Foundational Principles of the Xaverian Brothers

Campus Ministry is the "heart" of our school. The Catholic call of our school motto - "Be a man... a man like Christ" - is made alive through the work of Campus Ministry. Through participation in the sacraments, service opportunities, and retreats, students are able to grow in their spiritual life and develop their God-given talents, not only for themselves, but also for the good of others.

Service to others is an essential component of the life of a Xavier man. We offer an international service trip to Guatemala every year, a domestic trip to Camden, NJ, and local service opportunities throughout the year. A Xavier man understands the call to help those in need, whether they be around the world or across the lunch table.

A commitment to "Do More" is at the core of our school's mission which is exemplified through Campus Ministry.


Please use this form to record all service hours.


Contact Us

Peter Lyons

Director of Campus Ministry


860-346-7735 ext. 714