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Freshmen Survey

Xavier High School freshmen gather in gym for Spring Leadership Day. Xavier is a private, all-boys Catholic school in Middletown, CT.

Xavier students, above, gather at spring leadership day for freshmen.

The freshman class was surveyed in December shortly before Christmas break. The students had been here for about 3 ½ months at the time.

“What Is The Best Part About Xavier?”

When asked that question, the most common themes were the teachers, the brotherhood, the atmosphere, the athletic programs, the after-school activities, the academics, the friends they are making. Here are 20 of the answers:

The environment of the whole school, and the community there is here.

The teachers and how they care about you.

The brotherhood; we all have each other’s back.

It has a great history, I have made new friends, and the environment is friendly.

All of the opportunities that Xavier has.

The sports, the food, and the teachers.

Classes and after-school activity and clubs.

The challenge in academics and athletics.

The fact that you need to get stuff done, but you are less restricted on how they get done, as in the library being open during lunch, after-school availability.
Going to the sports games and supporting other Xavier students.
Teachers being available before and after school.
I feel very welcome here.
The Sacred Scripture class. I am learning a lot and am finally starting to understand my faith.
The overall community is very accepting and very close.
Being able to be confident in my education.
It's all great! Sports are really good, after-school clubs are great, teachers are fantastic, placement is accurate.
The wide amount of things to do.
The very high standard of education.
All the support I receive.

Meeting new people and getting a good education.

Other Questions

I feel that I was properly placed academically and am being challenged appropriately: 78 percent strongly agree or agree
My teachers are available to me either before or after school for extra help: 92 percent strongly agree or agree
My transition to Xavier has been smooth and I have the support I need: 86 percent strongly agree or agree
Do you feel a part of the Xavier community: 83 percent said yes
Rate how you are doing socially at Xavier: 73 percent said they are having a lot of fun.
Have you or are you planning to participate in a club or activity: 85 percent said yes.
Coaches make or made me feel like a valued member of the team: 92 percent said yes.