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“Reflect on the past, assess the present, and ponder the future.”

– from the Foundational Principles of the Xaverian Brothers

Part of being enrolled at a high school that dates back to 1963 and counts over 10,000 men as its alumni is a share in the rich tradition of such a storied institution. Being a member of the Xavier community is truly becoming a part of something larger than yourself. The rich tradition of Xavier is one of the things that truly sets us apart as one of the best private high schools in the state. Beyond our deep and meaningful connection with the Catholic Church, as a school that is co-sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers and the Diocese of Norwich, we have our own traditions that have formed over the decades.

The Black Hole

Since the mid-2000s, Xavier’s fan section – known as The Black Hole – has been a fixture at sporting events. Equal parts loud and excitable, The Black Hole gives our students a chance to support their peers in the athletic competitions that have long distinguished Xavier in the state, in New England, and beyond.

Our Relationship with Mercy

Since the very beginning, Xavier’s relationship with our sister school – Mercy High School – has been a cornerstone of our existence. “Mercy girls” and “Xavier boys” are titles that not only go hand-in-hand, but persist long after graduation. As an all-boys school, our relationship with Mercy – located only 3 miles down Randolph Road – is a part of our identity that we truly cherish.

Big Falcon/Little Falcon Program

As a new member of the Xavier community, students are told that they have to be willing to challenge themselves. The good news is – those new Xavier Falcons will never have to face the challenge alone! One of our most treasured traditions is the relationship forged between our freshmen, the Little Falcons, and our seniors, their Big Falcons. Each freshman – or transfer student – will be assigned a Big Falcon who will be able to help in the transition into their new school and offer a contemporary example of what it means to be a student at Xavier High School.