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Summer Programs 2020

Accepting The Challenge

"Xavier is always going to be a challenge, but is always going to be really welcoming and really exciting and helpful."

~Alex Schumann

From September to June, Xavier High School is in session, helping to challenge and inspire the next generation of Xavier leaders.

There are classes of course and the regular demands of any school year. But there is growing that goes far beyond the classroom.

Since the beginning, the mission was simple.

As a Catholic college preparatory school sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers and the Diocese of Norwich, Xavier High School foster the spiritual, academic and physical growth of its students and challenges them to use their God-given talents in service to others so that each Xavier graduate is fully prepared to respond to the Christian call of our school motto, "Be A Man."

It is a mission that represents everything Xavier has been about since the school was founded in 1963. And it remains when we step out of the classroom or the school year, too.

Every summer, Xavier High School offers a number of academic and athletic programs to young men entering grades six through nine.

There's an enrichment camp filled with sessions on science, technology, robotics, leadership and more. And there are camps for soccer, football and baseball. Whatever the interest, we try and provide the opportunity. But more importantly, we are here to help teach the necessary skills and enforce the lessons needed to take the next step in life as young adult. We want the next generation of leaders to be prepared for whatever makes them happy.

We are here to help your son pursue their passion and prepare for the future.

We're here to have them take the Xavier Challenge.

From Campers to Leaders

It is a familiar sight during the month of July. A car arrives at Xavier, drops off an anxious student and spins away. In the early morning light, a new student is ready to take the next leap.

They're ready to embrace the challenge that comes with being part of the Xavier community.

They're ready to better.

They might not be entering Xavier as a student. Not yet at least. But they're getting the first taste of the Xavier experience and everything that comes with it. For any kid, it is a lot to take. But soon enough, they're in the mix and embracing what comes next.

They enter nervous or excited. They leave ready and prepared.

That is Xavier. You take the step you need for whatever you want. And five years later, you're the guy leading the huddle before a big game (true story).