Ch. 8 Visits The Xavier Guidance Department

News 8, WTNH-TV, came to Xavier recently to film a segment on how the college application process is being handled during these COVID-19 times.

Guidance counselors are meeting with students as they normally would, but there is a plexiglass divider between the counselor and the student. And, of course, the counselor and student wear a mask. Generally many college representatives visit Xavier, but these are all virtual visits now.  Senior financial aid night was held virtually in mid-September instead of in person at the school.

So things are different, yet Xavier remains committed to finding the right college, the right fit, for each senior.

“We’re trying to have the students look at the school virtually, but having them still come to see us and working on their college applications and essays … keeping them doing exactly what we did before except for the plexiglass and masks,” Guidance Director Joan Tomasiello said. “The hard part is many have not physically been able to see schools.

“But let’s say they get into four schools. They still will have accepted student days next April, and God-willing, COVID-willing, they can go see the schools and decide then. They don’t have to make the decision until the last week of April. So we’ve been telling the kids if they can’t physically get there, they at least have that. I feel like we are doing things as normal as possible but not visiting schools is the hardest part.”

To view the News 8 segment, please click here.