Tradition never graduates at Xavier. 
Just ask any alumni who has attended XLI.
Before every school year, our incoming senior class comes together for one of our greatest traditions: the Xavier Leadership Institute. 
Over the years the location of XLI (as it is more commonly known) has changed. But never the purpose. 
Together, the class, no matter how big it may be or what its goals may be, comes together. 
The students become united in one central purpose. 
They become prepared to lead our school. 
What happens those four days that leads to that result? 
That depends on the class. But no matter how different the experience may be for each class, the end game is always the same: The latest senior class is ready and eager to lead and to help Xavier High School and the Xavier High School community. 
We wouldn't be the same without XLI. 
The tradition continues this August! 
Take the next step! Join the thousands of Xavier alumni who have come together at XLI!  
Sign up for XLI 2020 by clicking right here!
In addition to filling out this form and submitting your payment, the XLI Field Trip permission form can be found by clicking here! It has to be printed out, completed and returned to Campus Ministry.