International Students


At Xavier, our international students participate in a top academic program and become part of a special community.

They build leadership skills and grow athletically.

While in America, they live with families in the local community and become culturally enriched.

As important, they enhance the Xavier community, make lifelong friends, and matriculate to top colleges around the United States.

The application process is selective. But our international students quickly become part of our Xavier family and have made a great impact on our school and our community. And we can't wait to learn from them.

Since we began accepting international students, we have welcomed students from China, Spain, Hungary, Nigeria, Brazil, Switzerland and Taiwan. 

Coming from another country?


Start the process to become a Xavier student today! Please click here to fill out our simple inquiry form for international students!

Once we receive your form, you will receive an email from our Admissions team. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to schools, but we greatly appreciate your interest. And we can't wait to find out more about you