AP®/ECE Programs


Advanced Placement Program®



Xavier offers 19 courses in the Advanced Placement Program®, which is a cooperative educational endeavor among high schools and colleges and universities. 

Xavier's participation in this program provides motivated students the opportunity to take college-level courses and earn college credit while still in high school through the College Board's Advanced Placement Program.® Teachers of these courses follow course guidelines that have been developed and published by the College Board®.  



UConn ECE Courses


Xavier offers 14 UConn Early College Experience (ECE) courses in a partnership with the University of Connecticut that allows motivated students to take UConn credits while enrolled at Xavier. Each course taken through the program is equivalent to the same course offered at UConn. These credits are highly transferable to other colleges. UConn ECE students have an official university transcript that can be sent to the colleges of their choice. 


In 2005-06, Xavier offered two courses and 14 students took part. In January 2021, Xavier was named a Top 10 high school for total number of students enrolled as well as most credit hours taken in the UConn ECE program for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


Xavier is No. 7 with 220 students enrolled and No. 4 with 1,710 UConn credit hours taken through the UConn ECE program. 


Van Augur, the valedictorian of the Class of 2016, left Xavier with 42 college credits, saying his UConn ECE experience “enabled me to enter UConn as a second-semester sophomore from a credit perspective and allowed me to start taking graduate credit my junior year, and is a large part of the reason I'll be able to graduate with a masters within four years.”


Augur got that Master of Public Policy degree in May 2020Van Augur, 2016 Xavier valedictorian .


The advantages of taking these UConn ECE courses are multiple:


  • Taught by Xavier teachers who have been certified by UConn and serve as adjunct faculty members.
  • A taste of the rigors of a college course while in high school.
  • Each course is equivalent to the same course at UConn.
  • UConn ECE credits are highly transferable to other institutions
  • Each course is significantly less expensive than taking the course in college.
  • The chance to graduate early from college or a head start on graduating in four years, both of which are a huge dollar savings.
  • A cushion of credits should one decide to change majors in college.
  • The chance to use the credits to give you the flexibility to study abroad, work, take an internship, or volunteer while having a reduced course load.
  • Resources such as access to the UConn library.
Our Xavier contact is school counselor Mark Lambert, [email protected].


Course Level Credits
Anatomy/Physiology Accelerated 2
Anthropology  Accelerated  3
Sociology Accelerated 3
British Literature Honors 4
Economics Honors  3
Spanish IV Honors 3
U.S. History Honors 6
Western Civilization Honors 3
Biology/Biology Lab Advanced Placement® 8
English 12 Advanced Placement® 4
Environmental Science Advanced Placement® 3
Latin IV Advanced Placement® 3
Modern European History Advanced Placement® 3
Statistics Advanced Placement® 4
U.S. History Advanced Placement® 6
2D Art & Design
Biology & AP Biology Lab
Calculus AB
Computer Science A
Computer Science Principles 
English Language & Composition
English Literature & Composition
Environmental Science
French Language & Literature
Modern European History
Physics 1
Physics C
Spanish Language & Literature
U.S. Government & Politics
U.S. History
World History