Tuition & Value

2021-2022 Tuition

  • $15,600 (Catholics registered with the Norwich Diocese)
  • $15,900 (Catholics registered outside the Norwich Diocese)
  • $16,100 (Catholics Not Registered and Non-Catholics)

For questions call Director of Enrollment Management Matthew McCaffrey at 860-346-7735, ext. 743, or email him at


  • Activity Fee: $240 (all students)
  • Registration Fee: $50 (new students)
  • Graduation Fee: $100 (all seniors)
  • Busing Fee: $1,200
  • Parking Fee $100 (for juniors and seniors driving to school)
  • Sophomore Retreat $55 (all sophomores)
  • Class trips (sophomores, juniors, seniors) $45



Costs range approximately between $600 and $800 depending on how many are bought new or used. We have partnered with MBS Direct, an online book company to provide books to students.


MBS Direct will buy back used books at the end of each school year and offer used books for sale out of their inventory.


Three different payment plans are available and have been designed to assist parents in budgeting the tuition costs.

  • Plan A: Payment in full on or before July 23, 2021 directly to Xavier. A $100 discount applies providing payment is received in full by the stated due date and paid for by check or cash. The discount does not apply to tuition paid by credit card. This payment is made directly to Xavier.
  • Plan B: A two-payment option with payments due on or before July 23, 2021 and Dec. 6, 2021. This includes all class fees. This payment is made directly to Xavier.
  • Plan C: Monthly payment plan beginning in July 2021. This plan is managed through FACTS Tuition Management. Payments are automatically deducted from your account on a 10-month payment schedule. All students’ tuition must be paid in full by April 2022. There is a $38 per family enrollment fee for this plan billed by FACTS. Xavier High School does not accept monthly payments directly.

Tuition refund policy: If a student withdrawal is authorized for good cause by the Administration, and if the normal withdrawal procedure of discussion with guidance personnel, parents, and academic administrators has been followed, a written request may be made for a refund of tuition. Down payments and other fees are never refundable. If a student is expelled, there shall be no refund of tuition.  Selection of payment options is a financial accommodation to parents and does not relieve them of the responsibility to complete the tuition for that year.

The following guidelines, applied in relation to the full-year tuition only, will serve as the basis to determine tuition refunds.

  • Prior to Aug. 1, 2021 students withdrawing from school will forfeit any deposit and fees paid but will be entitled to complete reimbursement of any other tuition dollars paid.
  • Students withdrawing after the first full week of school are entitled to a refund of tuition monies paid in excess of 50% of the annual tuition.  Parents, who choose payment option C, are required to complete the payment of 50% of the tuition.
  • Students withdrawing on or after Feb. 1, 2022 are not entitled to a refund.

Last year, Xavier High School awarded over $1,200,000 in tuition assistance. For those interested in applying for tuition assistance for the 2021-2022 school year, you can do so by completing the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment beginning October 15, 2021. All applications must be complete by December 30, 2021.

All financial aid and scholarship awards are deducted from the family's account.

Parents who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties may contact the Headmaster to discuss special arrangements.

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• 2nd Child at Xavier or Mercy – deduct $1,000

• 3rd Child at Xavier or Mercy – deduct $1,000

• 4th Child at Xavier or Mercy – Free

• Sibling discounts only apply to the youngest child at Mercy or Xavier.

• Either the Catholic School Discount or Sibling Discount apply (not both).

Xavier has a variety of scholarships awarded to freshman applicants. 
Xavier Award for Excellence: A $1,000 award for students who are applying to Xavier that consistently demonstrate scholarship, leadership, and service. All materials for the application are due to Xavier on or before November 30, 2021. Award winners may apply for renewal in their subsequent years at Xavier. All Xavier students must complete an essay for entrance, and an additional essay is required to earn this scholarship. The form for the additional essay can be found here. Please click here to apply for the scholarship. 
Ryken Scholars: Students in the Class of 2025 are eligible for scholarships based upon their Entrance Exam scores. Any student who scores in the 95th-99th percentile earns the status of a “Ryken Scholar” and is offered a scholarship to attend Xavier. Only students who take the Entrance Exam in November at Xavier are eligible for these scholarships. The scholarships apply to tuition only and are renewable for four years for students who maintain a minimum 3.25 grade point average and are enrolled in honors courses. Scholarships are announced in December.
  •   Brother Robert, C.F.X., Honors Scholarship: 100 percent scholarship to the top scorer on the Entrance Exam.
  •   Bishop Vincent Hines Honors Memorial Scholarship: $7,000 scholarship for students who score 99 percent.
  •   Thomas Pierce Honors Memorial Scholarship: $3,500 scholarship for students who score 98 percent.
  •   Thomas Aiello Honors Memorial Scholarship: $3,000 scholarship for students who score 97 percent.
  •   Brother David Eddy, C.F.X., Honors Memorial Scholarship: $2,000 scholarship for students who score 96 percent.
  •   Alumni Honors Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 scholarship for students who score 95 percent.
Note: There are no athletic scholarships at Xavier.



Any student who matriculates directly from a Catholic K-8 school will receive a $1,000 discount each year they are enrolled at Xavier. In the event a student has a sibling attending Mercy/Xavier and applies from a Catholic K-8 school, the Catholic School discount applies and not the Sibling Discount. This is so the family will receive this for all four years a student is at Xavier.
As of January 1, 2018, the Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) allows up to $10,000 per year, per student, to be withdrawn - free from federal tax - from a 529 plan for tuition expenses at private or religious high schools.

Each year Xavier High School sends students off to some of the finest universities and colleges in the land. The Class of 2020 was no different. Yale, Brown, Georgia Tech, WPI, Notre Dame, UConn, Fairfield, Hartford, Quinnipiac, Holy Cross, Assumption, George Washington, Penn State ... and the list goes on and on. Some stats:

100: Percentage of students who take SAT or ACT.

98: Percentage of students who have gone on to higher education in the most recent five years ending in 2019.

$7 million: Average amount of scholarship money earned by 2015-2019 graduating classes.



“I know that students from Xavier are going to be prepared to take on the rigor of a place like RPI, especially from a math and science standpoint. Furthermore, students from Xavier are good citizens and that often comes across clearly in their applications through their commitment to helping others.” RPI Admissions Counselor Jim Driggs 




$1,800,200:  Financial aid and scholarship dollars awarded for the 2021-2022 school year.


46%: Percentage of students who received financial aid in 2019-2020.


$4,200: Average financial aid award in 2019-2020.