Our Mission


"The Glory of God is the human being fully alive."


   Within the Catholic tradition and within the context of a Christian community, Xavier seeks to educate the whole man – spirit, mind and body.

   Through academic, religious, service, athletic and extracurricular programs, the school endeavors to form a man who is academically competent, spiritually alive and physically sound. By providing a community centered on Judeo-Christian values, the school seeks to support the student in his growth as a human being and to instill in him a sense of responsibility for the gifts which are his.

   St. Iraneus wrote: “The glory of God is the human being fully alive.”

   At graduation, then, the Xavier man should be intellectually prepared to undertake collegiate studies or to enter the work force, to make mature choices and to take responsibility for his life and his gifts; and to have an understanding of Christian values and the obligations to his fellow human beings which these values entail.