Partners In Mission

It was more than a year in the making, and more than 100 people were involved in one way or another. These things take time, and now the 13 Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools have a new document: Partners In Mission. Understanding The Xaverian Way.


Inclusion is a central theme, and it goes well beyond the sheer numbers of people who played a role in developing the document. It continues with the Xaverian Brothers’ belief that all members of the Xaverian schools (board directors, administration, faculty, staff, students, parent, alumni and benefactors) are partners in their shared mission of a Catholic education.


Brother Philip Revell, C.F.X., represented Xavier.


“The new document better reflects the social, spiritual and religious realities of our time,” Brother Philip said. “The vocabulary is contemporary, and it recognizes the greater diversity of our school populations. It includes very explicit references to the spiritual vision of Theodore James Ryken, in a way that perhaps the original documents did not. It reflects much more the spirituality of the Fundamental Principals of the Xaverian Brothers. It recognizes the fact that there are very few Brothers in the schools and that the charism of the Congregation in its educational mission is entrusted to our lay collaborators, teachers and staff.”

Click here for the Partners in Mission document.