Our Campus


The Xavier Chapel was dedicated along with the school on Sept. 7, 1963. It has been home to countless Masses and also is a sanctuary when seeking a place for quiet reflection and prayer. Said one teacher: "The chapel is there at those times when the world outside of it seems to be too sad or too noisy or too busy.” It was donated by his eminence, Cardinal Richard James Cushing, Archbishop of Boston, and dedicated to Monsignor John J. Reilly, who was born in New Haven in 1896, and in 1956 became the first vicar-General of the Diocese of Norwich. He held that post when he died in 1961.


Front Lobby/St. Francis Xavier Wood Carving

The Xavier front lobby remains as grand as it was upon the opening of the school. Portraits of all the Brothers who were principals and or headmasters adorn the walls. Flags of the various countries in which Xaverian Brothers have served are also in the lobby. Upon entering the front doors there is wood-carving of St. Francis Xavier flanked by marble. It has served as a backdrop for many a photograph and a reminder of St. Francis Xavier’s remarkable life.


St. Joseph Hall

The addition that is home to the science department was dedicated in 1999 and gave Xavier several science laboratories on the second floor. On the first floor is St. Joseph Dining Hall.


The Donna and Gianfranco Galluzzo Media Technology Center

The center was dedicated in 2001 with the Most Reverend Bishop Daniel A. Hart presiding. At the time of the dedication the Galluzzo Center had over 13,000 volumes and 65 periodicals for student and faculty use as well as 24 new PCs. The center also has handcrafted wood, marble and stone. A conference room was named after Bro. James Boyle, C.F.X., and David Leone, Class of 1973.


Theodore James Ryken Hall And Courtyard

Ryken Hall, home to the music suite that overlooks the Ben Foise Memorial Athletic Complex, as well as the Fine Arts department, was dedicated in 2015. There is an archway leading from the building to the back parking lot and athletic complex. Entering the archway from the parking lot leads you into The Courtyard, which has benches, picnic tables and trees dedicated to the Xaverian Brothers who have been principals and/or headmasters at the school.


LED Lights, Solar Panels, New Boilers & Control System

The year 2018 marked a Xavier transformation when it comes to its environmental impact. The first step came when about 3,000 light bulbs and fixtures converted to LED lights. Then came the solar project; there are 1,290 solar panels on the roof of the building and on the west side of the school, where more than 100 arborvitaes are planted surrounding the panels. The panels produce up to 586,000 kilowatts of electricity annually. In the summer of 2021 Xavier installed new gas-fired boilers to provide heat and hot water, and in summer 2022 we installed a new building control system, which will help reduce our carbon footprint and lower our operating costs annually. Once completed this summer, these projects will save the school about $50,000 per year in operating costs and substantially reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere.